China TiO2 market overview Mar.2022


Inquiries in the titanium ore market were deserted this week, and the quotations of some small and medium-sized miners fell slightly. As of now, the transaction prices of 46,10 titanium mines of small and medium-sized manufacturers are at 2400-2480 yuan / ton, and the quotations of 47,20 mines are 2550-2650 yuan / ton. 38,42 The price of titanium medium ore excluding tax is 1650-1700 yuan / ton; the titanium ore market is stable as a whole, the supply of raw material medium ore is high and the price is high, and the market is under-operated; the recent market has been affected by the public health incident, many downstream manufacturers The transportation of raw materials is difficult, the market demand for titanium ore has declined, and there are not many new orders in the market. Some miners are panicked, the market quotation has declined, and the transaction price has fallen. At the end of the month, the environmental protection team settled in the Chengde area. Titanium ore manufacturers are in a state of suspension. There are not many new orders in the market. Some manufacturers have placed orders in the early stage until the end of April. Chengde market price is strong.

Titanium Dioxide

The international titanium dioxide company Chemours issued a letter to raise the market price of titanium dioxide. Since May 1, the price will rise by 200 US dollars / ton. As of now, the ex-factory price of China’s rutile titanium dioxide including tax is 19800-21200 yuan / ton, anatase type titanium dioxide. The ex-factory price of titanium dioxide including tax is 18,500-19,200 yuan/ton. Affected by the increase in raw materials and inventories, some manufacturers reduced production and stopped production, and the titanium dioxide market started to decline gradually; this week, the price of sulfuric acid continued to rise at a high level, the price of titanium ore remained high and firm, and the cost pressure of titanium dioxide raw and auxiliary materials was still relatively large; the domestic market demand is still not high. High, maintaining just-needed purchases, the international titanium dioxide market maintains a good trend, some manufacturers export well, and more export orders are delivered. In addition, the international titanium dioxide enterprise Chemours has raised the market price of titanium dioxide, and the rise in international prices is good for the domestic titanium dioxide market. Under the support of cost, the price of titanium dioxide remains high, and it is expected that the titanium dioxide market will operate stably in the short term;

April market forecast

1.The transaction in the titanium ore market is not good, some miners panic, and the price of small and medium titanium ore is expected to decline slightly again;
2.The cost of titanium dioxide raw materials is under great pressure, the market inventory has increased, and the price of titanium dioxide is expected to run strongly;