TiO2 price index hits a new low of the last year.

The latest TiO2 price index is 2439, 21% lower than the same period last year, a harsh drop of 15% than the first day of July.

TiO2 price index trend
TiO2 price index trend

It is not difficult to find out that the maket is in very low demands after the earlier summer. Industrial watchers are firmly agree that this is mainly caused by the off seasonal, but the truth is far more than this.

  1. After a strong period of growth since the late of 2020, the whole industry is getting to chill, party is over. And everything will final back to real life. And the value is getting back to its reality.
  2. The global inflation. Food, energy, and very thing price is increasing. People is consuming on the things really matters, as to the pigments, is that really matter? The paints manufacturers are reporting of high stocks after the shortage of the first half of the year, and less willing to making new.

But long this could continues?

Based on our experience, this time price withdraw is basically a good sign to show that the global inflation is haling. And it will finally go back into the real track. To our estimation, without any blackswan inccidents, the index will finally wave at 1800~2100 level. And it could take 2 years to arrive at the postition where it belongs.