Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-09

The Chinese content discusses the current state of various markets related to titanium ore and its derivatives. Here’s a summary in English:

The Iron ore market is running at a high price, with the water election plant starting at a high point. Central ore prices have been reduced, with a high pressure to ship out titanium concentrate, leading to a weak market operation.

The low-calcium, high-titanium slag from northern companies this month was bid at CNY 7690 per ton, a decrease of CNY 100 per ton compared to last month. This translates to approximately $1056.68 per ton, a decrease of $13.73 per ton. The high slag price is low, and with raw material prices remaining high, businesses are under significant production pressure.

The market quotation for titanium tetrachloride is between CNY 6200-6600 per ton, which is approximately $851.27-$906.39 per ton. The cost price of titanium tetrachloride has slightly eased, but the downstream demand for sponge titanium and pearlescent pigment industry is weak. The demand for titanium tetrachloride is not good, with high prices causing transaction pressure and market transaction prices being chaotic.

The mainstream quotation for first-grade civilian sponge titanium in the market is around CNY 54,000-55,000 per ton, which translates to approximately $7417.34-$7556.04 per ton. The market demand is weak, and as the supply of sponge titanium gradually increases, companies are under shipping pressure. However, the transaction price of sponge titanium is temporarily stable.

Today’s titanium dioxide price index is 2317, down 2 from yesterday. Businesses are successively stopping production due to maintenance plans, and downstream companies are watching, leading to market prices being negotiated on a case-by-case basis.