Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-14

The dispatch volume of raw ore from Panzhihua Iron & Steel (Pangang) has decreased this month. Coupled with a halt in production at a major factory in Panxi, the supply of titanium ore has reduced compared to last month. Recently, the market inquiries have been stable with small and medium-sized factories temporarily stabilizing their quotations.

The production pressure of high slag titanium slag is high. This month, the bidding price for low-calcium, low-magnesium, high titanium slag from northern companies is 7690 yuan/ton (around 1055 USD/ton), which is 100 yuan/ton (around 13.7 USD/ton) lower than last month. High slag is at a loss. In the recent market, some companies have restored their installations, and the supply of high slag has increased.

The market quotation for titanium tetrachloride is 6200-6600 yuan/ton (around 850-906 USD/ton). The market demand for Titanium Tetrachloride is not good, companies are not fully operational, and market prices are weakly stable.

The mainstream quotation for civilian-grade first-class sponge titanium in the sponge titanium market is around 54,000-55,000 yuan/ton (about 7,408-7,545 USD/ton). The demand in the downstream military market is stable. The demand for civilian products is weak, the market transactions are not good, and the price of sponge titanium is weakly stable.

The Titanium Dioxide price index today is 2300, down by 31 compared to yesterday. The overall Titanium Dioxide market is temporarily stable recently, with some companies adjusting their prices. The market sentiment is high, and transaction prices are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.