Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-16

Recently, the titanium ore market has been temporarily stable. Influenced by the downstream market, the market is heavily pressured to lower prices. However, due to the decrease in raw ore supply and the cessation of production at a major factory, small and medium-sized factories are not inclined to reduce prices, resulting in a firm market quotation.

The production pressure of high titanium slag is high: this month, the bidding price of low-calcium and magnesium high-titanium slag from northern enterprises is 1,060.11 USD/ton, which is 13.78 USD/ton lower than last month. As high slag is at a loss, the supply of high slag has increased with the recovery of equipment in some enterprises recently.

The market quotation for titanium tetrachloride is 854.84-909.82 USD/ton. The demand for titanium tetrachloride in the market is poor, and the start-up of enterprises is insufficient, resulting in weak and stable market prices.

The mainstream quotation for first-grade sponge titanium is around 7,443.38-7,581.63 USD/ton. The demand from the downstream military market is stable, but the civilian demand is weak, and the market transaction is not good, so the price of sponge titanium is running weakly and stably.

Today, the titanium dioxide price index is 2313, which is 2 points higher than yesterday. The market sentiment for titanium dioxide is strong, and the transaction price varies from case to case. Affected by market demand, the prices of new orders in some enterprises have been adjusted again, and the overall market price remains stable.