Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-20


Some small and medium factories are gradually reducing their inventory, resulting in a decrease in market supply. The price of the titanium ore market remains firm. The production pressure of high slag titanium slag is high: the bidding price of low-calcium and magnesium high-titanium slag from northern enterprises this month is $1,070.90 per ton, which is $13.91 less than last month. The high slag market is operating at a low start, downstream demand is weak, and the market is weak and stable.

The titanium tetrachloride market is quoted at $863.15 – $919.09 per ton. Although the price of chlorine gas has increased and the price of titanium raw materials has fallen earlier, it is still at a high level overall. The high cost of titanium tetrachloride: prices remain stable.

The sponge titanium market, the mainstream quotation of first-class civilian sponge titanium is around $7,513.94 – $7,664.98 per ton. The price of sponge titanium remains stable. With the increase in market supply, the market for sponge titanium has some pressure to ship. Affected by the price of raw materials, the market price remains firm.

The titanium dioxide price index today is 2320, up 5 from the previous working day. Companies are under some sales pressure, the titanium white market price is chaotic, the market is waiting and watching, and the transaction price is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.