Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-12-27

The price of titanium ore in Panxi Dachang remains stable, with a slight easing of raw materials from Pancheng. However, there is still a slight tightness in the supply of titanium ore, and the companies’ shipments are good, maintaining a stable market price. This month, the bidding price of low-calcium, high-titanium slag from northern enterprises is CNY 7,800/ton (USD 1,091), an increase of CNY 110/ton (USD 15.39) from last month. The high-slag market is generally stable, and the slag factory’s quotation remains firm. Affected by cost and supply reduction, the quotation of acid slag enterprises has been slightly increased, but the downstream market is eager to lower prices. The pressure on new price orders is relatively large, but the market price is basically stable.

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