Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-06

The market price of Titanium Tetrachloride is between $856.20 – $912.76 per ton, with some laxity in the cost price. Downstream demand for sponge titanium and pearlescent pigment industries is relatively weak. The demand for Titanium Tetrachloride is not good, with high transaction prices putting pressure on the market, causing chaotic market transaction prices.

The mainstream quote for first-grade commercial sponge titanium in the market is around $7,465.34 – $7,603.98 per ton. Despite high cost prices providing support, sponge titanium enterprises maintain firm quotations, but terminal demand is weak. There is significant pressure on new market orders, with sponge titanium manufacturers holding some stock. The mainstream transaction price is $7,047.14 per ton, with the sponge titanium market operating weakly and steadily.

The price index for Titanium Dioxide today is 2,334, an increase of 22 from the previous working day. The Titanium Dioxide market is still under pressure to ship, with some manufacturers increasing their inventory. Certain enterprises are making minor adjustments to new order prices. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the Titanium Dioxide market is thick, with the market maintaining a weak stability.