Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-07

The bidding price for Northern companies’ low calcium and magnesium, high titanium slag this month is 1,063.27 USD/ton, which is 13.83 USD/ton lower than last month due to the constant high price of raw materials and increased production pressure on businesses. The market quotation for titanium tetrachloride is 856.49 – 912.82 USD/ton. The cost price of titanium tetrachloride has loosened slightly, but the demand in downstream industries such as sponge titanium and pearlescent pigment is weak, leading to a chaotic market transaction price.

The mainstream quotation for first-grade civil sponge titanium in the market is around 7,457.06 – 7,603.98 USD/ton. Despite the high cost price, sponge titanium companies maintain a firm quotation. However, market demand is weak, leading to a large pressure on new orders. Sponge titanium manufacturers have some inventory, with the mainstream transaction price at around 7,045.71 USD/ton. The sponge titanium market is weakly stable.

Today’s titanium dioxide price index is 2322, 12 points lower than the previous working day. The titanium dioxide market still faces pressure to ship, individual manufacturers’ inventories are increasing, and individual companies’ new order prices are narrowly adjusted. The market is weakly stable due to the strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the titanium dioxide market.