Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-10

The bidding price for low-calcium, high-titanium slag from northern companies this month is $1056.54 per ton, down $13.72 from last month. The high slag price is low, raw material prices remain high, and companies are under great production pressure, resulting in losses for high slag.

The market quotation for titanium tetrachloride is between $851.22 and $906.33 per ton. The cost price of titanium tetrachloride has loosened slightly. The demand in the downstream titanium sponge and pearlescent pigment industries is weak, resulting in poor demand for titanium tetrachloride. High prices are under pressure, and the market transaction price is chaotic.

The mainstream quotation for first-grade civilian titanium sponge in the market is around $7416.48 – $7551.11 per ton. The market demand is sluggish, and as the supply of titanium sponge gradually increases, companies are under pressure to ship. The transaction price of titanium sponge is temporarily stable.

The price index for titanium dioxide today is 2316, down 1 from yesterday. It’s the off-season in the market, and companies are under great pressure to ship new orders. The downstream market is in a wait-and-see mood and market prices are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.