Titanium dioxide market daily report on 2023-11-13


The decrease in the amount of raw ore exported has stopped the decline in the price of central ore. Last week, there was an increase in titanium ore inquiries in the Panxi market, and a strong wait-and-see sentiment in the market. The production pressure of high slag titanium slag is high: this month, the bidding price of low calcium and magnesium high titanium slag from northern enterprises is $1,069.89/ton, which is $13.91/ton lower than last month, and the high slag is at a loss. Recently, some enterprises in the market have resumed their devices, and the supply of high slag has increased.

The market price for titanium tetrachloride is between $862.02- $918.28 per ton. The demand for titanium tetrachloride in the market is not good, the start-up of enterprises is insufficient, and the market price is weakly stable. The mainstream price of first-class sponge titanium in the sponge titanium market is around $7,508.60- $7651.64 per ton, and the recent transaction price of sponge titanium has remained stable. However, there is still pressure on the shipment of enterprises, and the market is temporarily stable.

Today’s titanium dioxide price index is 2331, up 15 from the previous working day. Last Friday, a certain large factory reduced the price to distributors by $69.55 – $83.46. The terminal policy has not yet been determined: the market is off-season, the pressure on the shipment of new orders from enterprises is high, and the sentiment of wait-and-see in the downstream market is strong. The market transaction price is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.